In recent times, our definition of the word ‘healthy’ has now put mental health at the focus of our health. Somewhere right behind and in some cases just above physical health.

Being an entrepreneur is hard. I mean dealing with different personalities of people, custom, tax, logistics, copy-cats. It can all be too much sometimes. And somehow, as entrepreneurs, we think we need to forge on. We can’t back down.  We can’t slow down. We can’t be seen as weak. It’s a dog-eat-dog world after all.


I have always been into buying and selling one thing or the other. I started this business sometime in 2016. If I told you how I started this, you wouldn’t believe it. I should share the story someday Insha’Allah. Sometimes, it’s so wonderful. Everyone is helpful. Customers are happy. Issues are sorted out easily. And sometimes…. We all know.

Are you alone in your struggles? No.

Are you worried about the future? Yes.

Do you think others are more successful than you and so you aren’t supposed to be here?

Do you feel people have the right to treat you anyhow because you need them?

Do you feel a bad review on your product means you are a bad person?

mental health

You are out here providing a solution to some problem you have identified. You are enough and you are worthy. You are here inspiring others and giving them a chance to dress more modestly, read more Qur’an, read more books, become better homemakers, mothers, wives, professionals and it is my hope that it all takes us closer to Jannah. I mean, we shouldn’t lose sight of the goal. It has and always will be Jannah Insha’Allah – that which eyes haven’t seen and the mind cannot comprehend.

As important as you are, so is your mental health.  Your cup needs to be full to fill that of others. So when the panic sets in, the sadness, the pressure for new ideas, the copy-cats and you feel only negative. It’s time to take a break. And you alone can decide how long that break is. Here are some tips that may help you deal…

Mental Health Hacks

  • Know your why and keep turning to Allah. He is the one who determines how successful your enterprise is. It doesn’t matter what everyone else in the industry is doing, just do you. Make istikharaa before decisions and even when things do not go as planned, be patient enough to find the ease in the hardship.
  • Keep a journal of your complements, accomplishments and fail forwards. It doesn’t have to be a written journal just some records wherever you like. Some screen shots here, some notes there and some photos of feedback. Let experience thoroughly teach you. This would also help you know your triggers and also help you see that you aren’t such a bad person after all.
  • Do not get distracted by social media noise. It’s okay to see someone else doing better than you and so you think you need that person to approve or endorse your work for acceptance. Wrong! You do not. The world is moving towards influencers and so I am not saying they aren’t necessary. Use targeted influencing. People who would genuinely be interested in your products. They don’t have to have a million followers. They just need to be a good fit for your products.
  • Say ‘No’ to collaborations that do not benefit you. I cannot count how many times I have been asked to collaborate and after hearing what it entails, I find it a bit selfish. Collaborations need to benefit both parties. One person cannot do it all and just keep tagging someone and that’s a collaboration and because you think they are doing better than you; you are willing to take it. It’s unfair to your business.
  • See your business as an entity on its own. This one was very hard for me. A product damaged through transport would have me second guessing every decision I have ever made. Don’t absorb criticism and feedback as insults to your person. Also, develop more efficient systems so you are constantly improving your productivity and customer’s experience.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. SubhanAllah! This is hard. I know. Everyone’s path is different. They may even have had same struggles as you many years ago. Which brings me to the next point…
  •  Reach out and create a network for yourself. Ask for help and tips from those you look up to. To be honest, your perception of them might be better than their character so thread carefully. Take criticism as just that and do better. Do not see it as an insult or something to make you think you are a horrible person.
  • Lower your expectations – Expectations are the thief of joy. The tip is to lower your expectations and not your standards.
  • Be choosy about who you surround yourself with and let into your corner. You can have friends for different purposes. If your best friend in the whole wide world doesn’t provide the support you need, let business be something you don’t discuss with her. Surround yourself with positive people who throw kindness around like confetti. Chant affirmations if you must.
  • Carve out time for yourself – Take time off and just do what makes you happy. Enjoy the process instead of the results, allow yourself to make mistakes and more importantly, forgive yourself when you make mistakes. A little exercise and an intentional diet would go a long way. Take up swimming, jogging, horse riding or even archery.

Being an entrepreneur is very stressful and places intense pressure on you. Its double dose if you are a perfectionist. And triple dose when the business is your only source of income. So as an entrepreneur, you need to improve your mental resilience too. You need emotional stability. May Allah make it even easier. Amin.

To the consumers

Everyone is going through something. Just because someone needs money or to fulfil a need in the society and you offer them payment for that service, it doesn’t mean you should not be nice or be rude. Sometimes, just typing away behind the screen gives you a false sense of confidence so we all need to take extra care.

So there you have it. Is there anything else you would like to add to this list? Please comment it below. Plus feel free to email me about the stuff i share here. I always love to hear from you.