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Fajr Alarm

Before I became a mom, when I hear people refer to their babies as their Fajr alarm, I imagined a life which meant you would always pray Fajr on time. Win-win right? Wrong! Reality is as such - Agent pepper wakes up a few minutes to Fajr. I feed, hold and burp and the...

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Is your baby home?

So I was heavily pregnant in July when I helped organize a national conference for community pharmacists, I got teased a lot. Then came November with a national conference for all pharmacists… A lot of people last saw me at the previous conference and so asked about...

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In the Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness is something we all want. In this day and age where sadness and depression is on a rampage. One thing is true, you are responsible for your happiness. You need to make adjustments and changes in your life to keep you happy. The world is full of avoidable and...

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