Before I became a mom, when I hear people refer to their babies as their Fajr alarm, I imagined a life which meant you would always pray Fajr on time.

Win-win right?


Reality is as such – Agent pepper wakes up a few minutes to Fajr. I feed, hold and burp and the munchkin goes back to sleep. I hear the Azan and I feel like I can walk on water and today would be a great day In Sha Allah. I walk into the bathroom and then Agent Salt is up. I feed, hold and burp but the munchkin is clingy and I hush and sway and finally, munchkin is down. Allahu Akbar! and then I perform ablution in a rush, wear my hijab and then I hear it. …. agent pepper is up and….

So, you get my drift.

And one day, you realize that you miss it – The calmness and serenity that comes with Salatul Fajr and that’s okay.

This is the reality now but does not mean it would always be like this.

May Allah grant us patience and help us to keep striving to be better Mumeens. Amin.

To the mum who is struggling, I hear you! 🙂