The dotted pearl is the brain child of a stationery addict. Assalamu alaikum I am Nana and a stationery addict (better stationery than hard drugs eh?😉) Alhamdulillah.

I am a pharmacist (at least i have a certificate that says so😂). Dont get me wrong I love my job. I just love stationery more😍.

I recently rediscovered being in love with the Deen of Allah and that is why it is reflected in everything I do.

Lets grow and learn together in this journey of life. It is after all a means to our ultimate end….JANNAH is so worth it.



The dotted pearl

…Because the world is your oyster and you are a pearl❤

As I resume journaling after a sabbatical of so many years – I figure, what better way could there be than to love me first, get to know my myself through the words of my Creator? it’s the Rolls Royce of self-care and I am thankful. Thank you @thedottedpearl01 for embellishing my ride so beautifully.

An Affluent heart (about her Qur’an Journal)

I like the Qur’an journal and the reminder cards the most. Hope the Qur’an journal will help me in my “learning the Qur’an better” journey. In Shaa Allah.

Faridah Dattijo, Minna