So I was heavily pregnant in July when I helped organize a national conference for community pharmacists, I got teased a lot.

Then came November with a national conference for all pharmacists…

A lot of people last saw me at the previous conference and so asked about the baby and I would say, “they are fine” and the shrieks and prayers with “You had twins, Wow!”

….. and the thought crossed my mind.


Then came my resumption and some people couldn’t even recognize me cos they had only seen me pregnant (one of my colleagues even said “I know you but not sure from where.” Lol!), Then came the “so how is the baby?” and “where is the baby?” and I go…” they are at home.” And the shrieks and prayers again.

….. and the thought crossed my mind again.


And so this goes out to every woman who never held her baby or took her baby home. Who never got to say, “my baby is home.” Who was forced to deal with her emotions around insensitive people? Who had to put away an unused empty crib. Whose loss is private because she wasn’t ‘obvious’ pregnant yet. Whose heart bleeds for the loss of her little one….

Remember, that with Allah, nothing is ever lost.

Indeed! Your baby is home.