So following what that blessed woman said about studying Qur’an in our time, from the first day of Qur’an class (a story I shared in my letter recently). Indeed, the Qur’an is a life long journey and lucky for our generation, there are tools and apps that can make it easier. I thought to put together a list of some apps that can benefit us In Sha’a Allah.

  1. Dropbox (Free)

If you are anything like me, you get overwhelmed with too many things all over the place. So first sign up here for free and then get the app (Android and iOS). You can create folders and tag them – Workbooks, Names of Allah, Du’as, Seerah e.t.c. because there is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming at times.

This is a product of Al-Huda international. It is loaded with so many lectures and courses that cut across Qur’an, Hadith, and even supplications.

This is only available for android and I am yet to find an iOS equivalent. It allows you to copy and paste the Tafsir into your notes or another app and you can handle like you would a pdf.

It uses the root words and has the Hans Wehr dictionary. Can help you better approach Sarf of the words.

With this one, you can listen and translate word-for-word. It is useful and beautiful.

There are a lot of Qur’an apps but I found this to be my best. It has the Uthmani page layout which is best to memorize with and you can find the translation in the same page layout. It has various translations and you can see them open at the same time if you like, making it easy to compare translations.

The focus here is on the words that appear in the Qur’an. Don’t be afraid. A lot of words are repeated often enough and it helps to know the root words.

There is another app similar to this called Qur’anic Arabic for busy people (iOS/Android)

If you prefer to listen, then you should get this app. It features thousands of Islamic audio lectures and you can stream or download. For iOS users, you can just use the podcast app to download the lessons.

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