Iman was feeling overwhelmed just thinking about Ramadan. Although she had always loved preparing for the holy month, she felt like this year was going to be too much for her. Every time she thought about the tasks that needed to be completed, her heart raced and her mind felt foggy.

But she was determined to make this Ramadan special. After some deep reflection, she decided to start with small steps and then work her way up.

She started by praying. She asked Allah to give her the strength and the focus to make this Ramadan special. Then, she made a list of all the tasks she needed to complete, such as preparing meals, organizing her space, and planning her daily schedule. She also made a list of the small tasks that she could complete each day.

With each day, she made progress. She started to feel more energized and more confident that she could make this Ramadan special.

Soon, Ramadan was just around the corner. Iman was so proud of herself for all the progress she made. She had taken small steps, but they had all added up to something big.

Iman’s story is an inspiring one for all Muslim women who feel overwhelmed just thinking about Ramadan. It’s important to remember that the holy month is a time for spiritual growth and that it’s okay to take small steps in order to make progress. With dedication, patience, and prayer, you can make this Ramadan special.

Now, What is one step you need to take today? 

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