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Ramadhan Journal 2019


Our Limited edition Umaymah Journal

Ramadhan Journal

  • A5
  • Softcover with Spiral binding
  • 112 full-colour pages with high-quality printing
  • Undated so valid for any year

Dua Book

  • A6
  • Softcover
  • 36 full-colour pages with high-quality printing
  • Undated so valid for any year


Ramadhan can be a very overwhelming time and the point of this planner is to keep you grounded and help you find a balance between productivity and spirituality. It is our hope that it helps you achieve your best Ramadhan yet and while making you more intentional in your deeds and actions.

Sold out!


This is your personal companion for a purposeful and practical Ramadhan.

It takes you from the days leading up to Ramadhan, through the blessed days of the Holy month, to the days of Eid and even covers after Ramadhan.

It isn’t your regular planner as it utilizes a lot of prompts to help you to self-reflection and accountability.

It includes…

  • Pre-Ramadhan Planner – Review of last Ramadhan, your one-word goal for the month of Ramadhan, Meal planning tips and planner, setting your goals and milestones for Ramadhan, Ramadhan Du’as, your personal Ramadhan story and so much more.
  • A 30 day Ramadhan daily planner – a to-do list, moments of gratitude, Salah tracker and names of Allah Du’a challenge, Qur’an tracking. It also includes a check-yourself-before-you wreck-yourself-checkpoint every ten days, an Itikaf guide and so much more
  • Eid – The Eid Sunnah checklist, your Eid strategic plan, even an Eid gifting plan to help properly manage your finances and ideas and even more
  • Post-Ramadhan planner – Keeping up with the lessons you learnt, ways to imbibe them into your life and your plans and ideas for next Ramadhan in sha Allah.
  • A personal and handy Du’a book – for you to write out your master Du’a list as well as your most intimate Du’as and have them everywhere you go.

Other features include

  • A 30-day good deed challenge
  • Missed Fast
  • 99 names of Allah challenge
  • 30-day and 20-day Quran reading plan
  • Blank pages for notes
  • Pre-filled pages to use as a guide
  • And so much more

We paid attention to detail and quality.


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