12 practical guides for Memorizing the Qur’an


The Holy Qur’an was revealed upon the Prophet
Muhammad ﷺ through the Archangel Jibril as. The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ responded by saying, “I cannot read.” Thereupon, Jibril as embraced the
Prophet ﷺ until he uttered “Iqra bismirabbikal-ladhi khalaq.”

For every Muslim, it is a must to learn and memorize the Holy Qur’an, for its significance involves directly in a believer’s faith, daily actions and conduct.

This short book, 12 PRACTICAL GUIDES TO MEMORIZING THE QUR’AN, serves as a starting point in which readers can begin their journey to better memorizing the Holy Qur’an.Through these quick and practical steps, biiznillah, memorization will no longer be troublesome and tedious. May Allah swt reward every one of us that strived toward learning the word of Allah by heart.

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