Awesome Ideas Notebook

Imagine having all your ideas in one place. Whether you are a blogger, a teacher or daydreamerโ˜บ. Whether you run your own business or hope to run your own empire someday๐Ÿค”. For your plans to conquer the world๐Ÿ™„ or just the great ideas you have when you are just about to go to sleep.

โ˜†It measures approximately 5.5×8.5 inches making it perfect to carry around.

โ˜†It has 100 lined pages.

Ideal to jot down reflections from your heart or fill with notes at inspirational events or from lectures and podcasts. As well as for study notes, reminders, shopping lists, journaling…basically the list is endless.ย 

Writing will feel stylish with this notebook… InshaAllah.

It would also make a wonderful gift for your loved ones. What gift is better than the one which reminds your loved ones of their Lord?

The Dotted Pearl 2016

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